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About Us

If at first you don't succeed... try ,try again! Slappy's Garage was initially a skate shop located in Ramona, California. Jason Carney, being the founder, made an effort to support the skateboarding scene in Ramona but, to no avail ended up shutting down. Fast forward a bit, to around 2012, and we end up in San Diego with a spot available next to the Tribal clothing warehouse. It was here that Jason attempted to revive the skate shop. With the first renditions of shop decks being spray paint stenciled and the humble amount of pro boards on the wall, Jason set himself up in the new spot. Over the course of time, people have come and gone and the Slappy's family has grown. Present day we have Junior Sandoval, Danny Goycoolea, Dory Hernandez, Franny Garcia, & Eduardo Sanchez all working for the shop and holding it down! The shop team has expanded too ranging from young locals trying to make a name for themselves to well known athletes who grew up in the limelight. Our shop decks are still made in house, although now they're Bareback wood with our very own heat transfers. (Just like the pro boards!) We have Hurvey Haskins to thank for that. Our shop gear is mostly screen printed in house, too. We share the building with our long time friend, Brent Pirtle, who holds it down for his screen printing business, "The Silk Screen Machine", which conveniently allows us to use their services. It goes without being said that we would be no where without all the helping hands along the way. Our main goal is to keep people rolling, plain and simple. It's difficult to get  rich off if skateboarding so that would be an unrealistic goal. I'm sure there's easier ways. All the people involved in the shop love skateboarding for one reason or another. So much so that we've created a community with the shared love. We're proud and honored to be involved in the San Diego skateboarding scene. Thank you if you're reading this, thank you if you've ever shopped with us, and thank you if you've ever supported us in any way whatsoever.

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